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Our Mission

Our goal is to help bridge the gap between limitations and meeting goals. We strive to recognize the needs of the people in communities and to provide what is necessary to help them live, grow, and thrive.

Our mission is truly to reach out and help the children in local communities. The families are found with local resources, as well as through friends who know people in need, the YMCA, boys and girls club, and big brother big sisters.

Make A Real Impact

The Archway Foundation joined forces with Good Sport Inc. last year and donated $59,000 worth of equipment to the Boys and Girls clubs in Wake County. In Florida, they donated close to $12,000 to the Police Athletic League after-school program.

In 2013, Clayton Areaa Ministries and The Archway Foundation teamed up to donate 70 Thanksgiving turkeys, plus Christmas gifts for 4 families.

Families and people are impacted on a daily basis.

Our Board Members

Chris has been a Major League Baseball player with the Tampa Bay Rays since the 2012 season. He is very encouraged to see how far his reach can go.
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Ron Walker has been local to the Johnston County NC area for many years. He attended NC State University and worked for Channel 5 after college.
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Having grown up in retail and a family business, Barry knows the value of customer satisfaction and the importance of serving the public at the highest professional level.
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Nathan Evan’s varied business interests include land development, residential construction, cattle farming and landscaping.
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Drew helps create new opportunities that will ultimately make a positive difference in somesomeone’s life.
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Michael has been a member of the Clayton Town Council since 2005 and is currently the Mayor Pro Tem of the Council.
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